Wine Classes


Join us for wine class! 

These fun and educational experiences are hosted at the standing high-top tables in our Enoteca. Each class includes tastes of five wines (three reds and two whites, unless otherwise noted) and lasts approximately 90 minutes. To complement the wines, classes include the chef’s selection of artisanal cheeses and house-cured meats. All classes are led by a Sommelier from OTTO’s knowledgeable and enthusiastic wine team.

Can’t join us on Saturday or have a large group? Private classes are available on an ad-hoc basis for parties of 6 or more people. 

Please be advised that class prices are exclusive of gratuity, 3% admin fee and tax.

To make a reservation, please email or call the restaurant at 212.995.9559 ext. 2. 

Saturday Afternoon Classes at 2:00pm  

B & B, $125 – February 16, 2019 
Barolo and Barbaresco are the two big reds produced in Piemonte. Both recipes are the same = 100% Nebbiolo. In this class we will talk about these two Piemontese superstars and taste some first-rate examples.

Mt. Etna, $75- February 23, 2019 
Just as recently as December 26, 2018 Europe’s largest active volcano, Mt. Etna, erupted. Even crazier is the fact that this volcano is home to some of Sicily’s hottest wines. Be ready to taste some hot (pun intended) wines and talk about what makes Mt. Etna a suitable place to grow grapes.

Italian Climates, $60 – March 2, 2019
Italy is an extremely unique land mass with climates that vary dramatically from North to South.
With so many different environmental influences (rivers, mountains, oceans, etc.) its no wonder Italy produces so many different styles of wine. We will talk about how the different micro-climates of Italy influence the different wines.

Maceration, $75 – March 9, 2019
Maceration (n.): a period of time during the wine-making process in which the crushed grape skins are allowed to remain in contact with the grape juice (must) to extract desired phenolic compounds.
There may be no maceration with skins (white wines), a very short one (rose and orange wines) or an extended one (red wines). We will talk more in depth about maceration and the reason wine makers choose certain lengths of time.

Organic and Biodynamic, $60 – March 16, 2019
We all know the difference between a normal apple and an organic apple, but what does it mean for wine to be organic? The answer is different based on the wine’s country of origin. Is organic wine the same as biodynamic? We will explore what these two terms mean and taste five wines that are organic and/or biodynamic (often they are both!).

Modern vs. Traditional, $125 – March 23, 2019
You may have heard these two terms, but do you understand the difference? The two schools of wine making used to be more black and white but now the differences are more nuanced. We will talk about what, historically, these two camps stand for and taste wines belonging to both.

Rosé, $60 – March 30, 2019
With Spring upon us, we are going to try some of the easy sipping wine that is usually enjoyed during the warmer months of the year. We will sip on this food friendly wine and nibble on some Italian cheese. What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?


To make a reservation in a public wine class, please email or call the restaurant at 212.995.9559 ext. 2.

Private Wine Classes
Can’t make one of our public sessions? Looking for a special event? Private wine classes are available for groups of 6+ guests. For more information, please contact our team at

Further Questions
If you have any further questions, please email us at or call us at 212-995-9559.


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